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I am an old school gamer who had missed playing RPG’s. During the creation of this site and the subsequent posts I have reinvigorated my obsession. GURPS is my system of choice, though I have played many other systems over the years. This blog has helped me get back to the table. My idea for the site is to provide my RPG experience and views. Though some may not agree with my views I respect all opinions. I want to be someone that grows the hobby and encourages all kinds of discussion about RPG’s.

5 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Just listened to your email at Happy Jacks. When you said you were living in the armpit of Germany I was thinking, “Hey, that’s where I am at!”. So where do you live? We are always looking for english speakers for our group.

  2. Hi, I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed watching your GURPS related youtube videos. I have been interested in D&D for a long time (that’s where I get my familiarity with RPGs) and have just recently ran across GURPS, I love the system and the whole character creation process and it very much appeals to my simulationist nature… anyway, I wanted to request a few more youtube videos… please consider doing a review of the tech books (low, high, ultra and bio) and go over how they can be useful in a game and what they offer to the DM and players. Also, do you know where I could download a pdf of a fan-made DM screen for GUPRS? Thanks and take care!


    • Hi Rich,

      Thanks and I am glad you liked the videos. GURPS is a great system and I do have a plan for more videos. Reviews are always cool and I can do one for each of the Tech Books. As for the GM Screen, I haven’t seen a GURPS specific one, other than the two already out there. There are the Basic and Horror ones.

      Sorry about the late reply. I just saw that I hadn’t replied to this.


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