Inkworld – Source of Magic Part II

Over a year ago I posted about a place called Inkworld. The world is an ancient one filled with many beings. This world’s creation is a mystery and the knowledge has been lost since beginning of recorded time. Inkworld, while in its infancy was populated by many deities, each had their own views about who should rule the world. Many years passed as they fought and schemed to be the sole ruler. In a great battle that lasted for many days they all perished. It is not known how they left the world. What is known is that their “blood” is part of this world. It is called Ink. It is the source of mana and possibly more. From the Ink, man propagated and magic grew. It created all manner of man and woman. Centuries passed as they continued to populate the world. Some of them were able to see the nature of Ink and it’s power. At first there were a few that could understand the Ink. Those that could not, saw this as an aberration and were fearful. Many more years passed and others learned how to use and master Ink. The world is still afraid of what a Ink user can do. Anyone that has Ink on their body is stigmatized. In some places they are confined or even killed. Magic and Ink are rare in Inkworld.

I have based the Advantage of being a mage to the GURPS ruleset. Because magic use in this world is rare, the PC’s should take Unusual Background. The points that it would cost should be up to the GM. For my group it is a 10 point Advantage and the background for the character should reflect that.

I have begun to flesh out this world. There is something to be said for playing in a world where magic is rare and its use can have dire consequences. Magic in some adventures can tip the scale in combat or other situations. It would be no different here but if it is used, beware of the result. Of course as with any GURPS adventure the character creation for in Inkworld is limitless. I will share more of Inkworld at a later time.

9 thoughts on “Inkworld – Source of Magic Part II

  1. Is it as simple as making ink and marking out a spell? So anyone could mimic what they have seen and have a reasonable chance at success?

    • They way I set it up was that the usage of Ink was a skill. Someone that possesses Magery can use the Ink that is on their body. In order for the Ink to be placed on a mage’s body it must be done by someone that has the skill to do so. I have thought that the skills would be tattooing (may call this something else), ability to read the runes and understanding Ink.

      Ink cannot be made. It must be found. In this world Ink (mana based) is different than ink. There may be imposters out there with ink on their bodies or people who try and pass scrolls as genuine. I still have to work out the specifics of someone that can tattoo Ink and make scrolls.

      When the Ink is used on parchment the spell just needs to be read, either aloud or silently to work. The Runic language on the scroll or tattoo is in an uncommon language. You know the spell as long as you have the scroll and can read it. The scroll only has one use. Once it has been read the Ink becomes inert.

      I want the use of Ink to be a mysterious and rare thing.

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