Creating a GURPS Character Part 6

We have reached the end of the GURPS Character Creation process. I hope that you have enjoyed the series. In this video I recap the other videos and speak about the non-crunch part of the process.

I look forward to making more videos in the future. Until then keep playing tabletop RPGs and live life through your characters.


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3 thoughts on “Creating a GURPS Character Part 6

  1. Interesting way of developping a character (around a disadvantage). I think you can do that with adv, skills or even a quirk. I’ve been playing GURPS for so long now (and mainly for creating NPC’s) that my process is similar.

    It start with visuals (I am an artist and think visually) and story role, then background and stats are last (and generally very fast since I’ve laid out what I need beforehand).

    Great video as always.

    I am eager to see what will be your next series: campaign building (à la GURPS)?, templates creation?, techniques creation?, creating powers (with GURPS Powers), reviews of sourcebooks?. :)

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