GURPS Basic Set- Characters (Review)

This is a video review of the 4th Edition of GURPS Basic Set- Characters. I realize that this version of the ruleset has been available since 2004 and most tabletop RPG players know a bit about the system. I wanted to give people that are showing interest in GURPS something to view. The video will go over some of the layout and contents. It will also give the viewer some basics about the rules.


GURPS is a game system that was created by Steve Jackson in 1986. More information about the system and its community can be found below.


4 thoughts on “GURPS Basic Set- Characters (Review)

  1. I did live in Germany during 2010. I think I even posted about it somewhere and in a Happy Jacks email. That may be where you got it.

    I’ll do a review of GURPS Vikings! I am thinking voices may be a cool thing.

    Thanks Séb!

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