GURPS Google+ Game

I am about to embark on my first game using Google+. I have only played table top RPG’s at well the table. This is a new experience and one that I am looking forward to. I have never met the players or GM before, besides some forum posts. I decided to participate in this game because I know GURPS and feel comfortable with the system. I wanted to give the online experience more attention.

I know some of you have played online before using various tools and systems. If this goes well I will actively search for others needing to fill a PC slot. Once I get the hang of the online part, I will be able to try new systems. I plan to play tomorrow night with some Happy Jacks Podcast listeners. I will post my experiences later.

Wish me luck and fun.

6 thoughts on “GURPS Google+ Game

    • It actually went pretty well. I was worried about technical issues more than anything else. There was just a little bit of lag towards the end of the session.

      I had picked to play GURPS because I knew the system. The whole experience gave me the confidence in the technology to run my own game. Which is something I am going to do in a few weeks.

  1. Hey. I’m interested in trying GURPS over the internet. Done a lot of internet role playing, but not tabletops. But I’ve been reading a bunch of the books, and understand the way it all works. If you’ve created a game, you should give me the info. ;P Looking forward to hearing from you.
    -Patrick. ( )

    • Patrick,

      My laptop did not fair well after having water spilled on the keyboard. As soon as I get another machine I will post for players. I will definitely keep you in mind.

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