Map: Travellers’ Cavern

This cavern is located under a slab of rock within a grove of trees. From a distance it is difficult to see its true purpose. The PC’s may be able to walk right by it if they fail some sort of perception check. If they come across the slab the will realize that it has fallen and has etched runes on the side. If the PC’s are able to read the runes, it states:

“Greetings weary travellers. Proceed within to reach your next destination with ease.”

If one of the PC’s succeed on an Ink Knowledge or Rune roll, they will be able to see a protected well of Ink on the side that will move the slab to reveal steps down. The steps take the party down to a round room. They have now entered the cavern.

The cavern is no longer in operation. It looks to have been abandoned for a very long time. Some of the walls have caved in and taken away what once was a very clean look. Each room may contain remnants of items or even death.

If the PC’s stay to investigate further they may find out what happened to the cavern. (The cavern suffered total loss from an alchemist’s explosion. There was a small caravan that entered, then upon reaching the Merchant Hall one of the bottles of a liquid fell and exploded. Toxic gas and heat killed all living things within. This cavern was one of the least used Travellers’ Caverns and was forgotten.)

The two Gates at the end of the cavern will take the PC’s to different places within Inkworld.

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