Colorblindness in GURPS

As a GM I enjoy seeing players take this disadvantage. There are a couple types of players that take this disadvantage. The first one is the player that wants to round out the concept of their character. They look for chances in the game to play Colorblindness. The other type of player is the one that thinks they are getting (-10 points) for a disadvantage that requires no role playing. If you have read any of my previous posts you know that role playing within the game is very important. As a GM I see this as an opportunity to show that Colorblindness can be role played.

Colorblindness in GURPS is a disadvantage worth (-10 points) to the character. The character is unable to see any colors. This is considered to be total colorblindness. The character is also at a -1 on most situations, using the Artist, Chemistry, Driving, Merchant, Piloting and Tracking rolls. The question then becomes, what does the GM do to give the player an opportunity to role play Colorblindness?

In the past I have placed color obstacles in front of the player. Most of the time the obstacles are choices that have to be made, like drinking a red potion or cutting that blue wire. Even if there are others present in the party to help the character determine the color, the player still has the opportunity to role play. Just the simple act of asking for help in identification of the color is role playing. Sometimes the help that is given may not always be correct and then more role playing follows between the players. So regardless of the type of player this somewhat innocuous disadvantage can contribute to some great adventures.

2 thoughts on “Colorblindness in GURPS

  1. This is a pretty minor disadvantage for 10 points; I know people who are colour blind, and you don’t know until you try and use coloured whiteboard markers to illustrate a point. I mean, the percentage of men with red/green colourblindness is something like 10%. I could see full colourblindness coming up but, man, the player is going to have to work at it.

    • Most of the players that I have seen take the disadvantage do so to get the “easy” -10 points to spend. As the GM I just create those color obstacles to make it worth the -10 points. I know that it is hard to role play the actual disadvantage but I think that it can lead to a role playing situation if introduced correctly.

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