Adventure Seed For Inkworld, Thieves’ Guild Explodes

This is an adventure seed for an established group of characters. There are no specific requirements the GM needs to make with this adventure. As with any adventure the GM should make it their own. The following content is an outline and background. I am using the GURPS rule set while creating this. NPC’s and other parts that follow will be reflected. Enjoy.

The adventure will start in Ardasia the capital of Cofu Veil.


Ardasia is the capital city of the land of Cofu Veil. It is located along a river that is embedded in a great forest. The city is always bustling with citizens and travelers. Every manner of trade is done here. It is very easy to become lost in the vastness of its streets. There are areas within the city that no law or higher classes dare to venture. One such area is near the city’s northern wall. The streets there are laden with poverty and filth. A few people live in the derelict buildings that line the streets. They are the dregs of the city. There are never any traders or visitors to be seen. This area of the city is buffered by a series of Monasteries run by the monks. The area is forbidding to anyone with common sense or knowledge of the area.

Beneath the filth and poverty is an entrance to the sewers. The sewers have been dry for many decades. It used to be part of the original drainage system until a shift of the ground forced the city to reroute the sewage lines. The local Thieves’ Guild pounced on the opportunity to take over the area. Within a matter of days the thieves were nested throughout the sewers. The city watch at the time saw an opportunity to wipe out the guild in one fell swoop. The Captain of the watch led a raid to roust the thieves. He had been using the original plans of the sewers to trap and lead the thieves into ambushes on the surface. There was much life lost that night, but the thieves remained entrenched. The following night three of the guild’s best thieves stole all the remaining maps of the sewers and destroyed them. The botched raid and the loss of the map lead to the Captain of the watch being removed from his position out of disgrace. The Thieves’ Guild won the first battle.

Scene 1

The morning is just like any other this fall. The leaves are still turning and the air is crisp. Some have started to rustle out of their homes to head to work. Tonight is the Winter Festival meant to bring forth good fortunes during the upcoming winter. For many years the Ardasians have prayed to have good winter fortunes on this night. The past few years have been kind to them.

Within the depths of the Thieves’ Guild is a man hunched over at a small table. There are some papers and books strewn about. In the corner is a staff leaning against an empty fireplace. The man starts to read aloud from the scroll. He is speaking loudly in a guttural language. Within seconds the room begins to shake. The man is still reading aloud, unfazed by the shaking. The room shakes violently and lightning starts to appear within the corners. The lighting strikes over the man’s head, encompasses him and within an instant he disappears. The only thing left is a small glowing light the size of a pebble, where the man once sat. Then an explosion occurs.

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