Apportation / The Mage’s Greatest Combat Spell

In GURPS the Apportation spell is IQ/H and can be one of the most damaging spells you can learn. I remember the first time I used this spell. It was to move a party member across a rickety bridge. During my time to maintain I failed the roll and he fell. After the damaged was calculated from distance and weight of the character, he died. He was not very happy about having his character die. After that I learned that I could raise monsters in the air and then not maintain the spell. I became a monster destroying machine.

Apportation lets the caster move physical objects at a Move of 1 without needing to touch them. The energy cost is based on the weight of the object. The duration of the spell is one minute. That should enough to get the object 60 yards in the air. The falling damage is deadly at that level. If the object is sentient it has a resistance in the way of a Will roll.

I have heard of some GM’s giving the Apportated subject a bonus to the Will roll, to balance out combat. Some feel that this spell is too powerful in combat. I have never went outside the rule for this spell. I know I am not the only one who has lifted a monster 60 yards in the air and let them fall. I even received a round of applause when I dropped the quick and deadly monster. However I can respect a GM that puts some limitations on this spell. It can be very powerful.

2 thoughts on “Apportation / The Mage’s Greatest Combat Spell

  1. What happens if the foe has some form of moment other than his feet, ie wings, or flying magic?

    I figure you may beable to float them around, but it doesn’t actually restrict their movement other than they normally don’t have the ground to walk along.

    • If the foe has flying magic or wings I would have to consider another approach. Now if the character concept included that the only he was able to kill a foe was by Apportation, then I would have some other spell or weapon disable their flight. I may have the ranged character wing that foe or have the fighter knock them unconscious. In GURPS it is fun to roll the damage from the fall.

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